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Gathering Basket

Gathering Basket

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Blackberry House Paint is a water based, acrylic blend paint. It has superior adhesion properties and will stick to anything paintable! It has the best built-in priming chemicals on the market, so there is never a need to prime ANY surface – even laminate or tile!

No sanding or priming is necessary. Just clean your piece thoroughly, rinse off your cleaning residue, and start painting! Dries smooth to the touch, free of brush strokes, to a sheen slightly above a matte. A little goes a long way. It can be used indoors or out on any project – even your kitchen sink!

Manufactured in the US in a reputable factory, BHP is a creamy paint, rich in color, that finishes with a sheen slightly above a matte and smooth to the touch. Combined with power enhancers, they’ve created a paint that applies easily, grips to your surface, is self-leveling, and gives you a professional finish every time – all with less paint than other brands. This is a water based, chalk free paint, and dries to the touch in less than 15 minutes.

This paint is easy to use and has great coverage. You will find the sanding and distressing time is cut down significantly compared to other boutique paints. They developed this paint to be wet distressed with a sanding sponge or damp rag, but it is easily dry sanded as well. When dry sanding, you will find that the paint produces very little airborne residue, so it’s safe to use indoors! The only prep the paint requires is a thorough cleaning of your piece with a degreaser before painting. The paint is extremely durable! It can be brushed on, wiped on, or used in a sprayer

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